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“I first heard him on the radio and got upset. Then I heard him in concert and got more upset. He thinks harmonically, improvises beautifully, and writes. If you're a guitar player, he's going to haunt you...” —Leo Kottke

“Our live 'Folkstage' performer was Pat Donohue who received a very rare standing ovation from our audience. His droll wit, great sense of humor, amazing guitar picking and perfectly constructed set really pleased our studio audience. He's been wasted all these years on APHC. He's a great solo artist.” —THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL with Rich Warren 2/16

“Great performance, everyone loved Pat. His humor, personality and occasional singing really set him apart from other guitar gods that lose audience interest.” —Mark Young - Full Moon Concert Series, MI 6/2015

“Pat performs with the wit and wisdom of A Prairie Home Companion legend. Never misses a lick and delivers the punchline.” — David Beaton Fogartyville - WSLR Sarasota, FL 3/16

Grammy winner Pat Donohue, who some might recognize from NPR's A Prairie Home Companion, must be among the best fingerpickers in the world. He also writes some screamingly funny songs, two of which we heard on Saturday: “Irish Blues” (a.k.a. a hangover), and ”Would You LIke to Play the Guitar?” to the tune of “Swinging On a Star,” which tickled the folk audience with lines like ”Would you rather play the guitar...or would you rather get a job?” – Elmore Magazine - NERFA 2015 Conference Review

“Behind the great chops and wide-ranging tastes stands another skill that gives Donohue his individual voice: arranging. He displays a smooth, swinging assurance. His arrangement of High Society is an encyclopedia of techniques and licks that will repay working through it.” —Fingerstyle Guitar

“His genre-blending approach fuses the right-hand Piedmont fingerstyle of Blind Blake and Blind Boy Fuller with the harmonic vocabulary and improvising spirit of Charlie Christian and Wes Montgomery.” —Guitar Player

“If it were it easy, every fingerstyle guitarist would play as well as Pat Donohue. A Midwesterner with the rhythm of a drummer and the soul of a New Orleans saxophonist, Donohue has the fingers of the world’s finest guitarists.” —Dirty Linen

“Donohue is a clever songwriter who uses intelligent, creative rhymes and wastes few words. His instrumentals display his characteristic of clarity and ingenuity, combining the essential qualities of the originals with his own recognizable fresh sound. He brilliantly mixes register changes, picking variations and tricks, and bass line melodies. Even the simplest musical conventions take on a richness under his fingers.”—Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“A masterful guitarist and talented singer-songwriter of the blues, folk, and jazz... Donohue is a natural entertainer who possesses bundles of charm and wit.” —Los Angeles TImes

“It is clear that Kottke has not overestimated Donohue's ability.”
Los Angeles Times

“Donohue's steel string solos swing and boogie like good bar room piano playing. The complexity of his arrangements is obscured by effortless chops...” —Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“His playing is rich with active, nimble bass lines that would in themselves seem to give a guitarist plenty to do. Laid against them are the complex chord work and elaborate, deftly-executed single-note runs. It's about as much harmonious sound as can be produced by two hands, wood, and strings...” —Los Angeles Times